Jesse Owens

Was born running and never learned to walk. He was too fast for his father to see, but not so fast he could outrun his father’s hatred. As a boy he ran in place while taking math tests and then ran to ask a girl with pigtails to the prom. When they were married, he ran circles around her as she walked down the aisle. Jesse Owens ran on a boat sailing all the way to Germany where his father put medals around his neck to slow the boy down. It was years later, after he forgot how to run but learned how to die, that Jesse Owens stopped to think about why he ran. There was no one chasing him. Everyone was gone. He closed his eyes and took the freight elevator up to Arizona. The last thing he thought of was the people cheering and it made him feel sad forever. When he opened his eyes and took the freight elevator up to heaven, he asked God if he shouldn’t be somewhere else. God shrugged and pointed at Jesse Owen’s face on the mountain right next to God’s own. The worst part’s almost over, God said. He was lying.



















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