A NOTE ON OUR TESTS: The Sylvanusylvania psychometric pages are in no way scientific and are probably not indicative of anything whatsoever. These tests are strictly for personal use and were created solely for entertainment. Please do not request answers to any of the questions here posed. Correct answers invest those who know them with an unequivocal sense of certainty, and any solution that does not impart to the solver such a degree of certainty should be considered wrong. If, however, you feel unequivocally certain that this criterion for right and wrong is intrinsically flawed, please re-examine your sense of certainty for small vestiges of doubt.



For the following trial, imagine the alphabet, followed by, in alphabetical order, all permutations of pairs of letters of the alphabet, followed by all permutations of triples of letters of the alphabet, followed by quadruples, and so on for quintuples, sextuples, and so on. Let us call this infinite set of letters a 'Lettered Sieve.' Possessing a working concept of the Lettered Sieve is essential to completing the first seven parts of the trial.


There is currently no fee involved in the submission process, which will continue to be the case until submissions become drudgery or otherwise unmanageable. If a fee is instated, however, it will be refunded in full, so long as it is accompanied by a masterful submission.

It is not necessary to complete all of the prompts to finish the test. However, as each completed sub-prompt adds to one’s raw score, the more sub-prompts completed, the higher one’s raw score. Compelling fragments and false starts are encouraged and will contribute to one’s raw score, if merited.

You may resubmit and append previous submissions.

UPDATE June 8, 2009. Purpure Psychometrics is now accepting registered Tetragrammaton vanity liscense plates from any of the fifty states in lieu of any answer to the NOMEN SACRUM TRIAL.


1. This trial is not meant to motivate any action beyond the reading of the test itself, which in turn is completely voluntary and at the sole discretion of the participant.

2. This trial does not contain any cosmological or metaphysical insight, whatsoever. Any claim to this effect, stated explicitly or implied, should be disregarded.

3. Any individual who attempts to use this trial to willfully mislead others for deception’s sake or personal gain does so at their own peril, without the support or endorsement of Sylvanusylvania, LLC.


Submitted tests and portions of tests will be considered for publication on the SYLVANUSYLVANIA website. The act of submitting a test will be considered a grant of first serial rights to your submitted work. However, if you do not want a portion or any of your submission published, please explicitly state as much—that you do NOT grant first serial rights to Sylvanusylvania. All rights will revert to the author upon publication.

How to Submit

Answers to completed sections of the trial, where applicable, should be submitted to our general email address for review (info [AT] sylvanusylvania.com). Please include "NOMEN SACRUM TRIAL" in your subject heading. Cover letters are appreciated, as are any glosses, footnotes, and secondary texts that help elucidate your work in a timely fashion. Handwritten submissions are not discouraged, provided they are legible. Titans of thought, past-present-future celebrities, and gifted scribes (Carolingian minuscule, anyone?) are specifically encouraged to supply a handwritten submission to enhance the company’s collection of Computer Age manuscripts. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 1333 Cooper Station, New York, NY 10276.


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