Alexander Mouton – Passing Through







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Passing Through is a piece that is interactive and involves text, images and sound.  Created in 2010, the work takes you on a linear nocturnal amble that juxtaposes still images with sounds of movement, unpopulated city locations with overheard conversations from the self same empty spaces. All of the images have links within them to move through the spaces and some have text,  Passing Through is best experienced with headphones….


As an artist, I explore the potential of new technology for bringing visual and sound arts together for interactive and immersive works both online and in physical spaces. As a member of the Electronic Literature Organization, I explore narrativity through images, sounds and text in conjunction with interactive computer programming. My processes include net art, interactive video installations, multimedia performances, and artists’ books, many of which are in collections internationally, including MoMA NYC and the Getty Research Institute, LA. My goal is to create works that integrate emotion and intellect through the investigation of themes such as individual psychology, relations between people, social/environmental issues, and technology. Using ActionScript and JavaScript for my, I explore the territory between linear and non-linear narrative. My work is part of Rhizome’s ArtBase and has appeared in,, Fylkingen Hz Journal #9, Flash & Thunder 2010, and the Electro-Fringe Festival, among other international venues. Currently I am Assistant Professor of Digital Art & Design at Seattle University.