Issue Four | Spring 2011

Issue Four | Spring 2011

Editor’s Note:

We are pleased to introduce our friends over at Timber Journal, the University of Colorado’s new literary journal.  In celebration of their debut issue, we have combined staff and shared server space in order to bring you a joint issue of digital literature.  We hope you enjoy!

-Erin and Mark

Issue Four e-Book | Poems + Flash Fiction

Mobile and Flash-less Devices:

Issue Four | Digital Literature/e-Lit + Digital Art

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Loss of Grasp • Serge Bouchardon and Vincent Volckaert.  Translated by Isabelle Leguy, Valérie Bouchardon, and Di Rosario.

from gridwords2000-asciidrawings-anime09 • A. Bill Miller

Afghan War Diary • Matthieu Cherubini

Semantic Disturbances • Andreas Maria Jacobs

Anna Arov • Two Poems
Brian Foley • Five Poems
Alicia Gomez • Three Poems
Melissa Jones • Three Poems
Tim Kahl • Two Poems
Matthew Sadler • Three Poems

2011 SpringGun Poetry Chapbook Prize Finalists
Megan M. Garr • from The Preservationist Documents
Caroline Klocksiem • from Circumstances of the House & Moon

DeMisty D. Bellinger • What Plums Would Do
Robert Lee Emigh III • A Lover’s Gifts
Nick Kimbro • Night Vision Goggles
Travis MacDonald • from The Story
Kristin McTigue & Andrew Fitch • from Bustling Towns
Christopher David Rosales • A Missionary
Paul Takeuchi • America Online

A. Bill Miller • Ink and Paper + ASCII Composition