the obligatory garnish argument - Meg Ronan

the obligatory garnish argument
– Meg Ronan

Obligatory Garnish Argument Cover

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SPD Bestseller March 2014

Micro-Review on Black Ocean by Brian Foley

Interview with Barrelhouse Magazine by Dan Brady

Review by Adam Robinson


“Meg Ronan is a pirate. The architect of her own barge, Ronan (with an R) brilliantly and relentlessly argues here for the found, the topical, the washed ashore with a sharp articulate reticence appropriate only for the Now. This is very new work with a very old sauce. A speaker keeps barging in, keeps challenging the reader to really read beneath the residue. What happens when text is filtered through the meaning machine? What will stem the exhausting tide of linguistic proliferation? In tiny compartment-sized, 4-inch poems, this swashbuckling new poet asks outsized questions with infinite funny answers. There’s a white boat coming up the river and Meg Ronan is harming the sail, filching words for the letters, obliging and dressing our collective language. Are you still reading this? You oughta be.”

—Sandra Doller

 This poem, these poems, of Meg Ronan’s are determined ciphers, strict in their poignance and energy: ambient, social, lyric, & intense—like a good party. the obligatory garnish argument is a debut to be celebrated.

—Rod Smith