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Lily Ladewig’s The Silhouettes explores autonomy, bodies, femininity, romance and vulnerability with humor and an acute sensitivity to a world constructed by image and text. In the world of The Silhouettes, Ladewig questions the value of high fashion and culture while simultaneously indulging in it: French vacations, Perrier, and periwigs, are met equally with anxiety and desire. It invites you to be fancy, flirtatious, and fragmented.


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Lily Ladewig is the author of The Silhouettes (SpringGun Press, 2012) and, with Anne Cecelia Holmes, the online chapbook I Am A Natural Wonder(Blue Hour Press, 2011). Her poems have most recently appeared in Aesthetix, Bone Bouquet, iO: A Journal of New American Poetry, Sink Review, Sixth Finch, and Spinning Jenny. She was born in Boston and currently lives in Brooklyn.



“This books offers silhouettes of brevity brought to the windy paths of the New York style observation: everything I adore about honesty buckled up, gagged, and given mere moments breath.” —A Minetta Gould – Black Ocean micro MICRCO review and top 3 book picks of the month

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“THE SILHOUETTES is stark and spare and dark and voilà:  words combine sinuously so as to show their insides to us, outside:  Brooklyn begins to seem related to an insomniac tornado, airplane-shaped hieroglyphs dart by, some new laissez-faire light has been applied by Lily Ladewig, her words look more like solid silhouettes securely placed in poems that seem like shadow-boxes in a book that is an invitation to a new wonder-filled, fancy, flirtatious manner of thinking.  Ladewig says I am trying//to be Egyptian about the whole thing.  THE SILHOUETTES steps out to extend a generous kindness by means of an exquisitely constructed set of instructions delivered by means of gorgeously arranged poems.”

– Dara Wier


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