Electronic Literature Archive

Electronic Literature Archive


Since the launch of SpringGun Press and Journal in 2009, we have always featured what we have called: electronic literature, digital poetry, digital art, digital writing, interdisciplinary digital art, and the list goes on.   The terminology in this field hasn’t yet been settled upon and it’s the opinion of this editor that eventually most of what we have published as “electronic literature” is simply literature and it will be referred to as such eventually.  Until then, we do believe it is important for this type of work to be archived to the best of our ability. Code and devices will continue to change and links will break but we will try to have this space act as the working record of electronic literature published in the SpringGun journals.

-Erin Costello, Co-Founder of SpringGun Press
March, 2013



Vniverse (iPad App) by Stephanie Strickland and Ian Hatcher


Post-Obsolete by Eric Meyer (Eric M. Suzanne)

Transmorgrify by Leonardo Flores

Kenny Drama by Elvia Wilk

Elect by Johannes Helden


Opacity – The iTrace Collective

The Dead Tower – Mez Breeze and Andy Campbell

The Lost Garden of Herman Haerlin – Eric LeMay

Living Will – Mark Marino (best NOT viewed in Chrome)

There are Many Detours Between Information and Instruction – Joe Milazzo

This is Not a Poem – Alan Bigelow

Messages for Our Future – Jason Nelson


Working Memory – Ian Hatcher

Algorithmic Poems – Christopher Funkhouser

Zuzana Husárová  – Any Vision

The Ballad of Workstudy Seth – Mark Marino

Alexander Mouton – Passing Through

Loss of Grasp –  Serge Bouchardon and Vincent Volckaert.  Translated by Isabelle Leguy, Valérie Bouchardon, and Di Rosario.

Afghan War Diary –  Matthieu Cherubini

Semantic Disturbances – Andreas Maria Jacobs (ELMCIP documentation resource only)

from gridwords2000-asciidrawings-anime09 – A. Bill Miller (currently unavailable, sorry)


Alphabet of Stars – Whitney Anne Trettien

Speaking of Rivers – Whitney Anne Trettien and J. Peter Moore

Cannibal Dreams – Lacy Cunningham and Justin Talbott

henrygwiazda.com – Henry Gwiazda and Reid Peifer

Wittenoom – Jason Nelson

_:terror(aw)ed patches:_ – Mez Breeze and Shane Hinton

Little Book of Prompts – Sylvanus Shaw

Nomen Sacrum Trial – Sylvanus Shaw

Essay – judsoN (link to work broken-description only available)

Every Word I Saved – Cristobal Mendoza (video documentation only)

Unravel – Agnieszka Michalska


Lollipop Noose – Todd Seabrook