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A SpringGun is unexpected, sudden, immediate, urgent—it’s happening now. It dwells within the context of cold war paranoia and the new post 9/11 era. A SpringGun is simultaneously insane, comical, violent, practical, ingenious, irresponsible, terrifying, vulnerable, and deadly. We’re not necessarily looking for political work, but work fueled with its own sense of urgency, play, and importance is a must. We’re interested in the internet as a medium both for its networking potential and accessibility; we want to create a platform for newer art forms to emerge and pull new intelligent voices into the literary fold. We’re interested in writers who read vigorously and are invested in the continued advancement and development of both “print” and digital writing.  We’re looking for artists who believe that it’s important to interact with a community of ideas and artists, who believe no good art happens in isolation.

Founders and Publishers: Erin Costello and Mark Rockswold

Fiction Editor: Christopher Rosales

Poetry Editor: derrick mund