Riding SideSaddle* - (Eric) Miriam Suzanne

Riding SideSaddle* – (Eric) Miriam Suzanne

SideSaddle Box

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ISBN: 9780986176401

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Updated November 13, 2016:

Miriam Suzanne and our staff just made the decision to give away our entire paper version stock of Riding SideSaddle* It’s $3 shipping.

More than ever we want LGBTQ voices and subject matter in as many hands as possible. We want to flood the streets with its pages in light of the forthcoming presidency that promises to institutionalize hate against the LGBTQ community. What will this accomplish? We’re not sure, maybe nothing. We’re as lost as you are right now. It’s a small thing and it’s not enough, but it’s a thing we can do so we’re doing it.


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Miriam Suzanne’s Riding SideSaddle* is a work on 250 interchangeable index cards, that explores the construction of narrative and the authority of the novel form.  Here, a narrator navigates a host of recurring characters with fluid genders and bodies that resist order, category and completion. They re-mythologize figures such as Margaret Clap and Hermaphroditus as well as themselves.  SideSaddle* opens up the world as its characters clash against and are turned away from it.


Miriam Eric Suzanne (neé Eric M Suzanne) is an author, artist, and web developer in Denver, CO. She creates web software with OddBird, soundscapes with Teacup Gorilla, wordscapes with [WriteyWrite], and live performance with Vicious Trap. Miriam is the former Artistic Director of New World Arts & Technical Director of The LIDA Project, co-author of Jump Start Sass, creator of The Post-Obsolete Book (a performable website), and an avid open-source contributor — creator of Susy, True, and other Sass toolkits. She’d rather be playing with legos.

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